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You Were Warned

The cold that I’ve acquired is kicking my fanny & I’m doing nothing but lolling around the house today, coughing and seeking sympathy.  So  it’s a minimal effort day in my postaday commitment and time for my first cute animals video.  Don’t anyone whine about it:  I told you in my very first post that I might share cute pet porcupine clips and such.  No porcupines today, but cats, which in real life I dislike intensely.  But I’m still entertained by this video which one of my friends shared with me.

Snooty types who imperiously lament the decay of western civilization and point to viral videos of cats as evidence should turn back now.


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How to Know If It’s Going to Be a Rough Day

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IF, hypothetically speaking, you wake your child for school and he immediately tells you, “I had a nosebleed,”


IF you glance at his bed and it looks like a crime scene


IF you realize that he not only had the normal amount of bedding  but for inexplicable reasons was sleeping with 4 sheets and 5 blankets and they are all soaked


IF you look at your child and say, “You’re shirt is cov – WAIT!  That’s not blood!”


IF you lean in close and realize that (along with the blood) your child is covered in melted chocolate…

Yes, it is going to be a rough day.  And your life sucks.  And you are being punished for something, possibly for being a witch.

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