Dangerously disorganized, attention-deficient, ambivalently middle aged mother of five (three by adoption, two by birth); married to Mr. Right;  home educator to two; Christian education director at my church; religion blogger for the St. Louis Post Dispatch; constant reader and movie lover; student of theology, church history and radical politics, among other things.  What I lack in practical skills in life, I like to think I compensate for (at least partly) with hopeless idealism and enthusiasm.

5 responses to “About

  1. Jamie Kennedy

    congrats on your blog. love your “carpe diem” outlook. wish i had that more often. nice intro to yourself. :o)

  2. Wayne Colflesh

    Great job.

  3. terry masters

    Love You!!

  4. Edward Smith

    Hi Sharon, Been working hard as usual. Your an inspiration. And isn’t that about the best compliment one may receive? Ed Smith

    • Hi, Ed! How nice to hear from you! And, yes, that is a very high compliment. I’m sure you noticed that I switched to a different blog address but I’m still trying to post every day. I hope that lots of writing will eventually mean better writing. 🙂

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