Week One, 2011: I Will Be a Hugger

Let me begin with an apology to everyone whose eyes are still burning from yesterday’s post title.  I have no defense except that I recently watched “True Grit” and I may have been unduly influenced by some of the lesser characters.  No harm was intended, and I will not succumb to such a temptation again.   Now, my penchant for age-inappropriate and outdated slang?  I’m keeping that, yo.

Resolution #4:  Hugs all around!

Grandma hugging boy painting courtesy soentpiet.com

The Grammy I will be, in my best wig and housecoat, hugging my slightly overweight grandchild

Those who know me at all know that I’m not a very demonstrative person.   I admire my warmhearted friends who have a ready embrace for the whole world.  I’m trying to learn from them, too.  It’s easy for me to be affectionate with my daughters, because they initiate hugs and kisses so often.  But there came a time when the boys stopped initiating, and I don’t necessarily think about it…and suddenly I realize I’ve gone for days without touching my sons.

This year I’m resolved that everyone in this family gets hugged by me every, single day.  This is such a small goal – and such a given in many families – that I’m almost embarrassed to share it.  The thing is, even though I may not think to offer an affectionate touch, I know how good it feels to receive one.  Why would I not want to give that gift to my children every day?  I might try to give a few more hugs to my friends, too, although I can anticipate a few of them reading this with alarm.  Don’t worry.  I know who you are.  I understand.  And I won’t hug you.



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4 responses to “Week One, 2011: I Will Be a Hugger

  1. I’m not much of a hugger. Thankfully my husband and daughter are.

    • Yes, we nonhuggers need some huggers in our lives to draw us out, I think. I have a couple of friends who have helped me get out of my comfort zone – as have the little girls who are still climbing all over me every day.

      By the way, Carol, I checked out your blog. Really nice! I will be visiting it again – and I love the Reader’s Bill of Rights.

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