Week One, 2011: I’m Going on a Media Diet

Note: I’m still looking for a new name for this blog.  I’ve got an idea in my mind, but I’m not ready to  commit.  Other ideas are welcome!  “Only Slightly Unhinged” has become a reproach to me, and I hope to be rid of it soon.

Resolution #2:  Media Diet

I am not going on a media fast.  I’ve been down that road before and I was not successful.  The problem could be that I lackphoto courtesy of mrjmedia.com self-control, as I most certainly do.  But for a number of reasons, I am just not motivated to give up media (radio, TV, movies, internet) entirely.  Some Christians have built careers preaching the evils of TV and movies, but I’ve never been among the culture rejecters.  I’ve also tried not to go to the other extreme of being a culture glutton.  Aaaannnnd I seem to be losing a little ground, to be honest.  I’ve become a bit of a culture glutton over the past year.  It’s cable, I tell you.  Well, that and wireless internet.  These are both recent acquisitions for us, and they have made moderation in all things electronic more of a challenge.  One of the odd side effects is that while I’m watching more TV and browsing more stuff on the internet, I’m seeing less things that I really want to see.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve read more blogs, but less books.  I’ve also seen fewer movies in the last year than is typical, even as I’ve watched more TV.  My viewing has become indiscriminate rather than intentional.

No more, I tell you.  That’s why I’m planning, starting today, to go on a Media Diet.  I want to cut down on the hours I’m looking at a screen, and I want to be more deliberate about what I do watch.  A few well chosen blogs, a few favorite TV shows, time left for books and movies I really want to see – and perhaps I’ll find more time other things as well.  Like exercise.  But let’s not get crazy.  The point right now is just to take back control of this part of my life.  There are many implications to this plan, but I can tell you at least one:  no more episodes of “Toddlers in Tiaras”.



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6 responses to “Week One, 2011: I’m Going on a Media Diet

  1. Wayne Colflesh

    Good luck. You are just one of those people who read and listen all the time.

  2. I love the idea! I too have been watching and reading less of what I should be watching and reading but school doesn’t really give you a choice. There’s always a textbook that takes priority over any book I’d like to read on my own. And as far as TV goes, Netflix has been my escape so far. With my schedule, Netflix gives me flexibility to pick what I want to watch (if they deliver it on time).

    Oh and about the blog name, why don’t you like the current one?


    • MTO,
      School is a good reason to watch and read less! What are you studying? And, yes, Netflix is a great help in finding something I really WANT to watch, and can watch whenever I choose.

      I actually like the blog name, but I discovered that there’s another Word Press blog called “Slightly Unhinged”. So much for being original. 🙂 So, I’m trying to find my own plot of land.

      • Yes, indeed it is! Especially because I still read just not always what I want to.

        I am a Third-Year Political Science student- with a minor in Public Policy.

        And about the blog name, that is a good reason to want to change it. I’ve never wonder if someone else has my blog name but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. Have you come up with any names yet?

      • I’ve come up with a few ideas – mostly by trying to steal snippets from Flannery O’Connor, Anne Lamott & Frederick Buechner. But even some of those were already taken. I think you have a good blog title – short, catchy, descriptive.

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