An Unpleasant New Year’s Surprise

I’m up early enjoying the quiet of the house on this New Year’s Day, but I’ve made a terrible discovery.  There is a blog here at Word Press called Slightly Unhinged.   Boo!  Not only is that blog significantly older and more established than my own, but it sounds as if I’m trying get into a mental health competition with that blogger.  Courtney, if you’re listening, I’m sure I’m not less unhinged than you.  You managed to recommend more than five books on your blog, and you write about fashion, beauty and health; all subjects I wouldn’t dare to touch.  But this appellation is clearly not big enough for the both of us, now that I know you exist.  So I must begin the difficult process of coming up with another name for this blog.  And that stinks.

Readers, I welcome suggestions.

And on another note, Word Press is starting a campaign for 2011, encouraging bloggers to commit to writing either daily or at least weekly.  I was really gung-ho for the daily thing until I sobered up (just kidding, Mom!).  There is a discipline to daily writing that I am trying to develop, but I don’t want to kill myself right out of the gate.  So…I’m joining the postaweek2011 campaign, with the hope that I can write significantly more than that.

Last night Sam threw the last of our no-bake cookies into the back yard.  As I finish this post I’m looking at a very contented squirrel sitting on the deck chowing down on a no-bake cookie.  That makes me happy; almost happy enough to forget about my naming troubles.

Addendum:  I’ve been rethinking this Postaday2011 thing.  Why the caution?  What am I afraid of?  If it’s a busy day can I not at least find the time to post a quote or a video?  I think I can, by cracky.  I’m carpe-ing the dang diem.  So I’m joining Postaday2011, baby.  Watch me.



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8 responses to “An Unpleasant New Year’s Surprise

  1. Tim

    “Last night Sam threw the last of our no-bake cookies into the back yard.”

    I love how that’s just thrown in there so nonchalantly, as if it’s an everyday occurrence.

  2. They were rock hard. I suggested the trash can, but I imagine he was hoping a squirrel would eat them. Too bad he missed it!

  3. Pamela Dolan

    I still like the idea of having a literary salon for radical Christian suburban housewives. Is there something in that kernel that you could use?

  4. Kevin

    sorry honey

    hey what about the “kids” and the name change thing?

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  6. Shelly

    I might have to steal “I’m carpe-ing the dang diem” for a Facebook Status. Love it!

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