Giving Myself a Christmas Present

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now.  Yes, it’s a privilege to be one of the bloggers at Civil Religion and have a (small) established readership that I can tap into at that site.  But where do I go if I want to wax on about that which is not religious in scope?  What if I want to write about the movie I’ve just seen and can’t come up with a good spiritual subtext or Christ-figure to pass it off at C.R.?  What if I want to make fun of share the latest cute story about my children, or rant about politics, or post a video of someone’s pet porcupine?  Don’t knock the pet porcupine video if you never saw it.

I realize I risk creating a sacred/secular divide which goes against everything I hold dear.  All of life is sacred, even if I can’t spot the subtext, and the porcupine is evidence of the glory of God. As are my children.  But it’s tiring sometimes to have to tie it all together.  So I’ll only do that here when it seems organic, to use a horribly overused word.

And speaking of things I hold dear, grammar is not one of them.  I have a degree in English.  It didn’t stick.  I prefer to write the way that I speak, for good and ill, and that sentence fragment in the previous paragraph (“As are my children”) is an example of the disregard I have for rules.  My issues with authority are not limited to grammar, but I’m laying it out there to avoid complaints from those of you who would never abandon a sentence fragment in it’s nakedness, or leave a participle twisting in the wind.  I’m sorry.  Please take me as I am or leave me in peace.

And so I’m giving myself this blog for Christmas.  I’ve been thinking that I’m too busy to do it, that it’s too self-indulgent, that I really need to buckle down and devote myself to, oh, I don’t know – the laundry, maybe?  But what the heck.  Life is short and I want to do this.  I’m slow and clumsy with the technical side of blogging, but I’ll learn as I go.  Onward and upward!




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5 responses to “Giving Myself a Christmas Present

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  2. Syl

    Yay! The laundry can wait. We want to hear what you have to say 🙂

  3. Debbie

    Blog away and I love to write the way I talk – both are equally confusing.

  4. Kevin

    Happy Christmas baby…have a good time all the time.

  5. Thanks, friends! And my dear husband – that’s my philosophy!

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